Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fighting Annexation - A Book

Grady Jefferys has written a book that explains the history of, and the "players" in, the creation of the North Carolina Annexation Statutes as we have them today. The cities couldn't force you into their boundaries, under their thumb, and onto their property tax rolls so easily before 1959.

I have been anxiously awaiting the announcement that the book has been published and just got the news this week that it is available for purchase.

The book covers much of the history of the passage of the 1959 statute changes along with much about the North Carolina League of Municipalities role in getting the Legislature to give the Municipalities this unilateral power over property owners in North Carolina. The author has pulled no punches about the self interest of the NCLM in achieving this goal at the expense of the individual rights of property owners who chose to live outside of municipal governance.

The book is easy to read and very current as to where we all are in the battle between the property owners and the cities. It is a primer for all North Carolina citizens who live outside of municipal boundaries and don't know the threat that these annexation statutes pose to them. And the book is "must read" for any property owner who is living within an Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction of a city. If you don't know if you live in an "ETJ" or not, it's time to find out quickly, because you are most at risk to being forced to become part of the nearby city.

Cities large and small in North Carolina have been increasingly planning and moving forward with forced annexations lately. As I have researched and learned about the issue of forced annexation over the last four years, one thing that I have heard and seen many times is that the North Carolina League of Municipalities is the biggest advocate on the block for using forced annexation to enlarge the existing cities and the major obstacle to reforming this un-American practice. Preserving this power to steamroll over individual rights is one of the NCLM's top priorities. NC citizens can't afford to wait until the city is knocking down their doors and tramping through their back yards to get involved.

The author doesn't leave the reader wondering about what to do about the reality of forced annexation in North Carolina. The book includes thoughtful and practical advice that more NC property owners need to arm themselves with and put into action.

StopNCAnnexation will keep you informed about how to purchase a copy of this long awaited and timely book by Grady Jefferys.


  1. Don Marley6:48 PM

    I am very much interested in purchasing a copy. Please advis ewhen available.

  2. Does this pertain only to NC? Or would this cover all states? I live in Murfreesboro TN and am in the same situation as you. Fighting annexation. Trying to learn as much as I can. Keep fighting the good fight! As we will to.

  3. In any State where cities have the power to forcibly annex property owners, the excuses for it are the same, those lobbying to preserve it are usually the same organizations, and their true reasons for doing it are the same, therefore most of what is said in the book will be useful to anyone living under the threat of forced annexation, no matter what State they live in. The differences will be in how your State Government regulates cities and what avenues the State gives their citizens for appeal.
    The next post that refutes the arguments that the cities give for having the power to forcibly annex will apply anywhere. I'm sure you've heard most of them already if you are fighting annexation.


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