Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New StopNCAnnexation Blog

Welcome to the new StopNCAnnexation Blog.

This blog will be updated by a number of contributors from around North Carolina, so it should be an interesting source for learning about the state of the annexation battle.

We hope that you find it a useful resource.

Cathy Heath


  1. Don Marley8:33 PM

    You know it is hard to stay focused on fighting forced annexations when the courts are giving the cities free reign. Until we get victories at the state supreme court level, we are fighting a losing battle. I realize that sounds negative, but, lets face the facts.

  2. don,

    It's not negative in my opinion. It's realistic, because I agree with you 100% that cities have been given far too much power in annexation and other land use issues. The cities need to be reigned in to something more in line with the individual rights that this country was founded on.


  3. Don Marley7:42 PM

    I'm sure this argument has been made before, but why doesn't one argue "taxation without representation" issue? Further more, what about "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness"? If I am correct, the pursuit of happiness, referrred to property ownership and all that went with that. I currently live outside Goldsboro and we are facing a forced annexation, that fortunately the GNU has held off for over 2 years. I suspect that the fight is closing and we will become another in the long line of statistics concerning forced annexation.


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