Thursday, May 31, 2007

Annexation Reform Update - Public Hearing!

There has been an interesting development in the effort to reform the NC Annexation Laws!!

This 2007 Legislative Session saw 17 Bills introduced to reform forced annexation statewide.

There were six local Bills introduced, and Rep Faison introduced a Bill to reverse a forced annexation by the Town of Carrboro.

Every one of the House Bills were sent to the Rules Committee. This is a committee that has been used in the past to kill Bills by never discussing them or moving them forward.
The introduced Bills have to pass on the floor of the House or the Senate before the "crossover date" which was extended to May 24th of this year. Exceptions to this are Study Bills or Bills that require financing decisions. None of the reform Bills moved forward from the House Rules Committee before the crossover.

But the reform effort has many legislators working this year to get something done.
AND the effort has YOU!!
And YOU have been talking to the Legislators in larger numbers than ever before.
Your voice makes a difference!

A difference in the General Assembly AND the media.

The news reports on the issue have been much better this year. The newspaper articles are reporting on the views of the property owners more than before.
Rally in Raleigh made FRONT PAGE NEWS in the News & Observer!
Articles about forced annexation are showing up in more newspapers and TV news reports across NC than ever before telling OUR side of the story.

Now for the REALLY GOOD NEWS !

An annexation reform Bill was passed out of the Rules Committee on Wednesday, May 30th!!

It was not on the schedule for the Rules Committee and it was past the crossover date. But the effort to reform annexation is moving forward!


There will be a PUBLIC HEARING on the annexation issue at the General Assembly in Raleigh.

The Public Hearing is scheduled for June 13th at 5:00 pm.
at the Legislative Building Auditorium on the third floor!

Even if you do not intend to comment, put this on your calendar and BE THERE for the hearing.

This Public Hearing is going to set the stage for the Study Committee that will be formed to look at what needs to be changed in NC Annexation Law.

Please check the StopNCAnnexation website for more information on the Public Hearing and the Study Committee. It is going to take continued input from as many people as possible to make sure that the results of the Study Committee are what the people want_
_NOT what the NCLM WANTS!
Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard on this issue!

And don't forget to make forced annexation an issue to your County Commissioners also!

Cathy Heath
Ron Thoreson

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