Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Pro-reform Event for Rowan County Area

Here is an opportunity for Rown County area citizens to gather for a public show of support for annexation reform.

"A group of very disgruntled and unhappy Rowan County citizens are staging a group demonstration on the square of Salisbury, NC on Thursday, March 27, 2008 from noon til 1 pm.

Media have been invited to include WBTV, WRDX, WSTP, and the local Salisbury Post newspaper.

Additional demonstrations are scheduled for Saturday, March 29, and each Saturday in April same time and place."

If you live anywhere near this event, and want the laws changed, attending events like this in significant numbers is important. It's worth the sacrifice for the cause of reform.

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  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    We have additional demonstrations in Salisbury, NC scheduled for each Saturday in April at noon til 1 pm on the square (Main and Innes
    Street). Rain or shine, we will demonstrate. All participants are welcome. We have signs for the 10 demonstrators allowed by city code. Others can participate by handing out literature, giving us moral support by your presence, and taking a turn at carrying our signs. You can also drive by and honk at us. We love the honking and it irritates the city of Salisbury. You can make your own sign, if you wish. Maximum size allowed by city code is 24" by 24"
    We meet at the Farmer's Market in the 300 block of South Main street at about 11:40 AM to give out signs.

    Larry Wright
    Rowan County


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