Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joint Annexation Study Committee

Well... Hackney and Basnight finally got around to appointing the members of the Joint House & Senate Study Committee. The Senate decided at the last minute they wanted to be involved in the discussion of annexation reform.
So here it is.

The last minute move by the Senate to jump into this "Study", (after they refused to have anything to do with it in 2007), looked real suspicious when the plan was announced at the end of the '08 Short Session. I suspect they aren't jumping in to be helpful to the people.

Daren Bakst has some interesting comments about the Committee makeup on the JLF Locker Room Blog.

It has taken the Leadership so long to appoint the members that it was starting to look like they were delaying on purpose.

There is very little time left for the Committee to meet before the end of the year. The Long Session of 2009 begins in January.

Between now and then, we have the Holidays and a major election season to deal with. Many of these Committee members are up for re-election. It doesn't bode well for having any serious debate or analysis of the problems with the current annexation laws_ or any recommendations that resemble anything close to what the hundreds of people who spoke up for while the House Study Committee was looking at the laws and problems.

After playing this game with "Study Committees" for nearly a year, it might be time to change focus. Like I said, there are a good number of Legislators on this Committee who we already know are against the people ever being heard over the city advocates.

Some of them have good people running against them who could use more support from the people.
Check the "Candidates Page"

This election needs to send a message to the General Assembly. A message that rings louder than the outcry they heard at the Public Hearings and Rallies.A message that entrenched incumbents understand!

In the meantime, the contact information for all committee members is provided for the annexation reform warriors to use. These people should hear from us right away and regularly.
Get ready to push hard on the Legislators in 2009.
We know what we want and so do they.
The Legislators have studied this before many times.
It's time to act.

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