Saturday, January 15, 2011


StopNCAnnexation received the following request from anti-forced annexation activists in Union County for support from activists across North Carolina:

The Union County Board of Commissioners will be considering a resolution against forced annexation at their next meeting:
Jan 18th 
7:00 P.M.
Union County Government Offices 
500 N. Main Street, Monroe, NC 28212.
TV and other media will be there to cover the meeting.

We intend on being there to offer our support for the resolution – bodies, signs, public comments, etc.

We are wondering if you know of anyone from neighboring counties/jurisdictions that might come to Monroe to offer their comments and support.

We could really use a show of unity against forced annexation in our fight against Marvin.

If you can possibly attend this meeting to support the efforts of the Commissioners to speak out against forced annexation and the local activists encouraging them, please consider being there!
More and more County Commissioners are speaking up against forced annexation We still need them to speak up to the State Legislature as the local government officials who administer State Law and represent ALL the citizens of every County. 
We cannot rest just yet and trust that the right thing will be done this year in Raleigh.
We must continue to speak up and hold the feet of the new Legislature to the fire. 
Many of the former obstacles to ending forced annexation in the General Assembly are GONE and we have many reasons to see light at the end of the tunnel in this decades long struggle to change the law in NC and end the abuse caused by the current laws. 
 There should be NO MORE EXCUSES!

Rep.'s Larry Brown, Nelson Dollar and Stephen LaRoque tell us they are working on legislation right now.
They need to hear from as many people as possible that the #1 item that needs to happen is to put an end to forced annexation by giving the people being considered for annexation a VOTE!!
All the other issues in the current annexation law pale to near insignificance against getting this one thing done.

Rep Larry Brown
Rep Nelson Dollar
Rep Stephen LaRoque
This is what is happening on the NC House side of the discussion.
The NC Senate members also need to be encouraged to pass legislation that ENDS the practice of forced annexation once and for all.
Simple, yet civil, message: 
Restore the VOTE to those to be annexed! 
Senate ProTem Phil Berger:  
Thank you for keeping up the fight!
Catherine Heath
StopNCAnnexation Coalition

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