Sunday, February 20, 2011

Committee Meetings This Week & a bit of News

Senate Bill 27 to be heard in Senate Finance Committee very likely on Wednesday but it has not been scheduled. 
Please check the Senate Calendar daily @

Senate Finance Committee meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 1:00 PM in 544 LOB LB

IF S27 is heard in the Finance Committee on Wednesday, it is very likely to be voted on by the Senate on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, The Kinston and Lexington Annexation Ordinance Repeal Bills will be on the agenda for the House Finance Committee.

February 24 - House Finance Committee - 8:30 am - Rm 544 - Legislative Office Building
300 N. Salisbury St. Raleigh NC

I will be heading to the Outer Banks early Monday morning to be with my daughter as she welcomes her first child into the world. I will be staying with her for most of the week so I will not be attending these Committee meetings. 

Please try to attend the meetings and send me an email about how the meetings went.
I'd appreciate it. 

Thanks for fighting this fight with me!

Catherine Heath


  1. Hi, we have an annexation issue being rushed by the town of Swansboro. The Mayor says he wants to beat the Republican legislature and indicates his belief that if they get started before a moratorium they will be able to continue. They are also cherry picking the properties and zero'd in on those in the 200k 300 k range and ignored a lot of the old neighbor hoods closer to town with low assesments. can we LINK UP??

    Thank you

  2. Absolutely! I posted a link to the newspaper story about Swansboro and their arrogance on the blog not long ago. Please write to Senator Andrew Brock and tell him about what Swansboro is doing.
    I mentioned it to him last week, but he needs to hear the whole story from the source.

    Thanks for letting me know about your website.

  3. Just a small note to say....Hope things are all well with the new arrival.
    Henry @ no2wilma2

    Our email campaign is well underway and should be making the servers in the legislative basement "HOT" just about now....


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