Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Annexation Bills

 "POLITICAL CONNECTIONS" on News 14 - Tim Boyum interviews Berger and Tillis
Senator Pro Tem Phil Berger and Speaker of the House Tom Tillis will be interviewed on the show tonight with a replay on Sunday.
The State Budget and the Governor will likely be the main topic of the conversation, but it is also likely that the legislative efforts to stop forced annexations will be mentioned as well.

You might want to tune in and listen Friday night at 6pm and Sunday at 11am. Read more here:

What is the Status of the Annexation Moratorium Bills in the House and Senate?

Neither Bill is on the Legislative Calendar for this week as of yet.

The Senate Bill might show up on the Senate Finance calendar some time this week
This committee meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 1:00 PM in 544 LOB LB

S27 is NOT on the Tuesday agenda for Senate Finance at this time, but is expected to be heard this week.
The House Moratorium Bill is not showing up on any legislative calendar at this point in time.

It is being said that the Kinston, HB5, and Lexington, HB37, Annexation Repeal Bills will be discussed and voted on in House Finance on Thursday.
This is very likely, but the House calendar for Thursday's committee meetings has not been published. If the Bills are heard on Thursday of this week, here are the details:

February 24 - House Finance Committee - 8:30 am - Rm 544 - Legislative Office Building 300 N. Salisbury St. Raleigh NC

On the Senate Calendar for Tuesday is Senate Bill 80; "Lewisville Annexations". This is a Bill introduced to stop the Town of Lewisville from proceeding with their plans to annex the asphalt of some roads. The Town is petitioning itself to annex roadways only so they can "control the development" of the land that underlies and adjoins the roadways, although the land itself is not being annexed.

Yes, this move by the Town of Lewisville is as legally suspect as it sounds.
February 22
SB 80   Lewisville Annexations 

In the past, the Town of Wendell tried to annex a corridor of road to reach a community that would have put Wendell closer to the new 64 bypass, but the NC Courts ruled that an illegal "strip" annexation.
This was one of the very few legal challenges that I have seen succeed for the property owners opposing the forced annexation. Strip, or 'shoestring' annexations are already illegal, but they have been done.

The Town of Cary previously annexed a strip of Ten-Ten Rd. to contiguously connect the Town to a parcel that the Town owned where an extension of the Water & Sewer infrastructure was located. Cary was successful in implementing this strip annexation.

Please consider these Committee meetings very important to attend. Even if you can't attend them all, try to fit at least some of these meetings into your schedule so we have some people attending all of the meetings that come up. Check the StopNCAnnexation Blog for updates on Legislative Committee Meetings

Some of the County Commissioners are opposing the NC League of Municipalities attempt to convince the Legislature to remove the approval of the County in extensions of Extra Territorial Jurisdiction.
It is great to see the County Commissioners stand up against more over reaching for power by the city lobbyists. These Commissioners have our sincere thanks!

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