Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grassroots Action Alert!

A very good Bill has been introduced in the House to change the North Carolina Annexation laws and the window of time to get it passed in the House will close soon!
StopNCAnnexation supports the passage of H845 to restore the voice of the property owners. 

Email - CALL ALL House Legislators to ask them to support H845;

"Crossover" deadline for this bill to be the hands of the Senate is May 12th
  • H845 will restore a voice to the property owners being considered for annexation
  • H845 will give property owners relief from the costs of water and sewer infrastructure IF the annexation is successful.

  • H845 will stop all annexations that are now in process and haven't reached final passage of the annexation ordinance.
    Cities across NC are rushing to annex areas before this law passes.
    If you are being annexed or oppose forced annexation,
    call and email the House Legislators today. 
 Visit for more information.

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