Friday, May 13, 2011

Update on Annexation Legislation Progress

House Bill 845 - Annexation Reform Act of 2011, passed the Second Reading on the House Floor on Thursday May 12th! 

The Bill passed by vote of 102 for H845, and 13 voting against H845.
As Speaker, Thom Tillis did not vote on H845. 

The Legislators voting against H845 were:
Representative(s) Hugh Blackwell; Larry Brown; George Cleveland and
Representative(s): Alice Bordsen; Beverly Earle; Susan Fisher; Rosa Gill; Ken Goodman; Philip Haire; Susan Hamilton; Grier Martin; Mary Ann Mobley; Larry Womble

Not voting:
Representative(s): Keever; Hastings; Killian; McElraft
H845 will now be on the House Floor Calendar for Monday evening for it's third and final reading. This will be the final House vote to pass H845 on the House side. 

H845 will be sent to the Senate for consideration after the vote on Monday.
The Senate is expected to thoroughly review the provisions of H845 and move it quickly to passage. Additional Legislation to help everyone faced with forced annexation is also expected to be brought forward in the Senate.  

The people finally have a very good piece of legislation moving through the State Legislature after all these years of asking for REAL reform of the annexation laws.

This is legislation that delivers justice and fairness to those to whom justice has been denied for half a century.
If you can make it to Raleigh to witness the passage of this Bill by the House on Monday, May 16th at 7:00 pm., please join the many others who will be there in the House Gallery.

If you cannot make that trip, please listen online from the General Assembly website:
And write to thank all the House Legislators who voted for the Annexation Reform Act of 2011.
Especially thank the Sponsors and Co-sponsors of H845., Speaker of the House,  

Find email contact information for all House Legislators at

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  1. This is great news. I've sent a letter to Senator Elaeanor Kinnard and Fletcher Hartsell of the Senate Finance committee urging them to report the bill favorably out of committee. You can see the letter at The Do It Yourself Citizen


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